Time Travel, Memory & Regret

Rue is a short film project based on the answers of 26 people who anonymously disclosed a regret that they would like to travel back in time to change.  The process of making this film depends on the improvisation of 21 of Northeast Ohio’s best actors; each actor was assigned an anonymous response and invited to imagine a character who would try to undo this thing.  The film is being developed and shot here in Stark County, Ohio and will be screened at festivals both here in Ohio and other places.  Eventually, we imagine that this project will morph into a web series and maybe even some other performance pieces. 

Themes of memory, regret & the desire to UNDO seem like endlessly worthwhile areas for artists to explore in a cultural moment like ours.

CLEARVIEW CORPORATION is first on the market to introduce time travel options for the individual consumer — but they’re having a hard time recruiting customers who are willing to pay the high price, so as a publicity stunt they’ve decided to send three people back in time for FREE to try to correct some regret, mishap or problem. 


Our short film listens in on the candidates who want to travel back in time to fix something that haunts them.  The first eight minutes of the film will allow us to get just a peek at twenty-one candidates who wanna go back.  And do somethin’ over. 

In the final moments of the film, we’ll see who won the chance to travel back, and see just a teaser of what happens when they do go back in time.   

As you can tell, audiences will be motivated to tune in for more as the web series unfolds — revealing even more of what happens to each of the characters from the audition. 

The great psychoanalyst Carl Jung used to ask his patients to engage in ACTIVE IMAGINATION — an activity where they would try to get closer to their dreams, their fantasies, their memories.  And as a result?  They would understand themselves, their desires and their lives much better.  We hope that our flights of fantasy — as we make RUE have a similar result for our actors, our supporters and especially our audience.

*while Rue is still in production, all of the improvisational actors have been filmed.  The third act will be filmed during the months of September and October and then edited during November and December.


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