Building Social Media Strategy

This is a team of Social Media Strategists from all over Stark County, Ohio.  We volunteered together to develop key social media priorities for TomTod, including tactics for recruiting students, bolstering support and building new adult allies.

During TomTod’s summer day camp (Camp Whatif?), I collaborated with the camp directors to embed video intake throughout each day’s activities.  This video content will be used for recruiting, publicity and informal programmatic assessment.

Creating strong video content for social media platforms requires a unique way of thinking that diverges from the creation of television spots or even longer youtube “commercials.” Video content in social media contexts needs a stronger, faster HOOK; like specialized bait in a fisherman’s tacklebox, it should DISCRIMINATE, appealing primarily to it’s intended audience; and most of all it needs to have a SPREADABLE essence.  Social media marketing works best when the intended audience wants to be a part of the circulation process.


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