Into the Light


I created five experimental short films as a part of this gallery show.

Seven artists — a musician, several painters, a photographer, a writer and a filmmaker (myself) — developed artistic responses to a set of concepts (divided into three rooms)  invented by the show creators Paul Tree and Lynn Digbee.  The show examined human spirituality across a range of religious and non-religious experiences and through the metaphor of light.

For one piece, I collaborated with an artist, Michele Waalkes, who often creates work related to the play of light through the transfer of photography to various surfaces.   Michele and I had worked together years before to create an interactive film installation for a local church.

Another piece, was a larger than wall-sized projection of a tree and a telephone pole which were, themselves, intermittently projected by passing headlights onto the wall of an old factory.   The theme of this room was mechanical light as a metaphor for human innovation and endeavor.  I wanted my piece to deal with the ghostly pall that is evoked contemporaneously with the lives of machines – our tools in their finitude project their own demise…if we have the eyes to see.

The final (dark)room included three small screens where an elder would appear in the darkness and beckon us through long twisting hallways — often disappearing then reappearing on different screens (see header image).

short story about the exhibition from the local paper can be found here and a review of the show is here.

Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 8.32.19 PM

this photograph courtesy the Canton Repository


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